It’s pretty straight forward right? If you are not in agreement with something— an action, a plan, a task, a request, a command, an advance — you simply refuse. Or, do you?

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Contrary to popular belief, “No” is a powerful word which we don’t use very often. Humans are social beings and we (most of us) have this inherent need to be liked by those around us. And that means we inherently lean towards nodding in agreement to what the people whose approval we seek say or do.

Personally, we may be more willing to use this word in…

Let me set the scene for you. You walk in and you see chaos everywhere, engineers typing away at their computers, designers huddled up together talking in hushed voices, product managers crying foul, support folk tackling angry customers, and the C-suite stomping about demanding answers for questions unknown. There’s a foul stench emanating from your product, copy oozing everywhere, and in the middle of all this, there's a copywriter, their pens (or keyboards) dripping with product blood.

So your product’s on the floor bloodied, the copywriter (or team) is found in the scene of the crime — murder weapon…

“Guess what, Appa? I’ve landed a job as a UX writer working in Bitcoin.” I said (“Appa” is “dad” in my language), I was excited and raring to go.

My father, however, had a very somber response. “Great, but don’t gamble with your money, son.”, he said. My dad’s a veteran of the traditional banking system. He’s from a time when switching from physical ledgers to their digital counterparts was a huge ask. Not to mention his orthodox no-risks-and-you’re-safe upbringing, which made him trust only that which he can see, touch, feel, smell, and understand. …

It’s been a year since I started my journey as a full-time UX copy writer. It’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my career. I love writing, I’m not new to the craft, and I love helping people with my words. However, in this past year, I’ve had to learn and unlearn so much, and it has been quite a revelation. Here are my top takeaways from this past year for your reading pleasure.

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Content is Design

I mean, duh, right? But this was my first epiphany. Of course, I came into the job knowing what I’ll be doing…

Alright. We’ve all probably watched The Sound of Music. If you’ve not, then I think that’s where you should start. Because in my book, inspiration comes before the action.

And here’s a disclaimer so all the other “travel bloggers” out there can sleep in peace. I’M NOT A TRAVEL BLOGGER and this is simply an account of my five-day trip to beautiful, mesmerizing, relaxing, enchanting Austria. I’m sure there are many other such posts out there. …

Applying for any job is not easy work, and definitely not fun — unless you get some kind of twisted kick out of shooting away applications every day. Especially during trying times like these, I wish none of you would have to go through the physical, mental, and emotional ordeal of having to look for a new job. But if you ever find yourself in such a position, I hope this blog post will help you set off in the right direction.

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Disclaimer: These are things that I followed while applying for jobs myself for the better part of 2019…

Balasubramanyn Meenakshisundaram

Grammar police. Design thinker. Curious mind. Lazy blogger.

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